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MEGVII Thermal Screening

       MEGVII MingJi is based on “face detection technology and dual sensing via infrared cameras and visible light” powered by MEGVII deep learning AI platform Brain++. Through this technology, MingJi is capable to swiftly identify people who may have elevated body temperatures, and locate them in the crowd using available body and facial information. MEGVII’s proprietary light-weight, low power-consumption, high-performance CNN (convolutional neural network) algorithm model – ShuffleNet has the capability to empower high accuracy AI algorithm model on Edge analytic devices. The system can be deployed in a very short period of time at public places, realizing temperature screening in a non-contact manner through our AI technology.

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  • Contactless thermal screening
  • Multiple person temperature measurement
  • Smooth and fast access
  • Visible user-friendly system GUI
  • Fever detection alert
  • Non-mask detection alert
  • 100,000 historical records
  • +/- 0.1°C accuracy

Plug And Play

  • Rapid Deployment

    Installed on edge device, 15 minutes system setup

  • Optimized Detection Model

    Optimized forehead detection model for detecting the face of people who wear hats and masks, face detection rate >95%

  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement

    Support up to 4 meters in non-contact temperature measurement to ensure epidemic prevention security

  • Mask-wearing Detection

    Automatically identify and flag for those who do not wear masks, detection rate >95%

  • Ultra-precision Temperature Measurement

    +/- 0.1°C temperature accuracy under 30 – 45 °C environment

  • AI-Enabled

    Proprietary algorithm built with neural networks and deep machine learning

  • Deep Industry Experience

    MEGVII understands the market challenges and widely deployed in both public and government sectors

Carry And Go

    • All in one Backpack
      The package includes 1 x dual-light camera, 1 x blackbody , 1 x AI processing unit, 1 x Tripod

    • High Cost Effectiveness Proprietary CNN on edge devices ShuffleNet to bring out best performance on edge devices
  • Tempature Measurement With High Speed Accurate
    Temperature measurement for 3-4 people at the same time

  • Dyanmic Temparature Calibration
    Integrated with blackbody real-time sensing of ambient temperature and dynamically compensates for differences

UFace Thermometer

       UFACE Thermometer is a high performance, high reliability and high accuracy face recognition products that support 1:1 and 1:N mode of face recognition. It uses Excelitas Thermal IR Sensors for motion detection, presence monitoring and temperature measurement. The parallel support hold a stable and fast non-contact human body infrared temperature measurement (frontal temperature).


  • Fever alarm
  • Access control
  • Excelitas thermal IR sensors
  • Mask detection alert
  • Facial recognition
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Wall mounting, floor stand and turnstile integration


  • 8-inch LCD touch display
  • Thermal IR camera
  • Wi-Fi interface
  • 100,000 face database
  • Liveness detection
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Supports recognition with masks
  • Supports stranger detection
  • Less than 1 second recognition
  • 99.99% recognition accuracy

Intelligent Management

  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Real-time alert
  • Personnel and authentication
  • Access control management
  • Multi-functional devices
  • Time attendance report
  • Flexible integration
  • On-premise deployment
  • Cloud management platform (optional)

Authorized Distributor

       MEGVII is a world-class AI company with core competencies in deep learning. Headquartered in Beijing with over 2,000 employees, MEGVII maintains four research and development centers in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Chengdu). MEGVII provides fullstack solutions, which encompass algorithms, software and AI-empowered IoT devices, to customers and has achieved leading positions across multiple industries.


       MEGVII Personal IoT solutions comprise algorithms and software applications. Facial recognition-based device security solutions allow users to conveniently unlock their devices, and the computational photography solutions allow consumers to take pictures or videos with quality comparable to those taken using professional single-lens reflex cameras.


       MEGVII City IoT solutions comprise algorithms, platform software, application software and hardware products. The smart city management solutions are designed to enhance public safety and improve urban resource planning. Meanwhile, smart property and community solutions enable businesses to enhance the security of their properties and improve customer experience.

     Anviz has been the world’s top provider of biometrics, video surveillance, intelligent smart-home and smart-building solutions with the application of AIoT and cloud technologies since 2001. They promotes the application of AIoT and cloud technologies to provide customers with a more integrated, convenient and efficient smart solution including the best consulting and reliable technical support by their global sales and service network.

Video Surveillance

Biometric Access Control

Biometric Time & Attendance

       Populife envisions to provide trendy lifestyle solutions to digital nomads globally. The company exclusively developed offline password encryption algorithms and Bluetooth low-power private protocols, and earned for itself a great reputation and strong influence in the international market. Populife offers a safe, convenient, durable and affordable way to keep your items locked up.

Smart Keybox
Smart Deadblot
Smart Moon Lock
Smart Padlock

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