Creating a More Secure
World With AI-Powered
Video Analytics

We offer a unified platform that caters to all industries, ranging from building complexes to entire megacities.

Open Platform with 3rd Party Integrations:

Access Control System

CCTV System

Credential Database System

Video Management System

Key Strengths

Comprehensive Front-End

By applying different aspects of AI, Cloud, Big data, and IoT technology, our comprehensive solution empowers the performance of the Edge devices.

Unleash Value from the Fusion of Data

The solution provides flexible and extensive metadata to build business-centric applications.

Sharing Scenarios and Building Closed Business Loops

Provides end-to-end operational processes tailored to fit different business needs.

Self-evolving Smart Platform

Expand deep-learning AI algorithm in response to everchanging complex public safety environment.

System Architecture


Deep Insight

Track and Trace

Quicker Response

High Capacity

Holistic surveillance

Public Surveillance Use Cases

Personal Correlation

Watchlist both with whitelist and blacklist face searching

Automated surveillance drill-down

Seamless investigation per face, attributes, vehicle, etc.

Insight Enforcement Assistant

Get smarter insights with match confidence scoring

Big Data Analytics Reporting

Fully visible dashboard

We always welcome creative and innovative ideas

Geographic Vision

Integration with GIS and AUTOCAD map view

Advanced person profiling

Intelligent anonymous personal categorization to accelerate broader investigations.



Award-Winning Technology

Megvii Solution adopts a distributed architecture based on completely proprietary deep learning algorithms of Megvii Technology and includes features such as real-time face comparison with high recognition rates and facial feature structuralization.

End-to-End AI Surveillance Solution

MEGVII stands among the few companies globally that have developed proprietary deep learning frameworks and advanced algorithms such as cloud-based, edge-based, and others that showcase their trustworthy credibility.

World Leading Solution Provider

The largest provider of cloud-based identity authentication solutions enabled by facial recognition and the largest AI-focused City IoT solution provider in China acknowledged by MIT Technology Review and CB Insights.