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We Make Every Key Smart

No doorknob replacement

Use the Smart Keybox with your old door or lock.

Share Access Easily

Share PIN codes or digital keys with your family or tenants remotely.

More than keys

You can also use the Smart Keybox to secure small important objects.





Physical Key


Welcome To The Future

Share Access with Ease

Use the app to share access with friends and family.

Smart Home Integration

With the Smart Lock, you can just say “Hey Google/Alexa/Siri, lock the front door.”

Smart Design

Smart Lock design makes it easy to install and integrate the product to your home.

Access control made easier with a single application

Share access, manage all the devices, and view access records from wherever you are with a single mobile app.

Advanced Alarm System

Unauthorized attempts will trigger alerts instantly

Dynamic Access Records

View who accessed your place in real-time entry logs.

Share Unlock Authority

Remote access is enabled by the mobile app for temporary or permanent access

Manage All Devices

See and track the status, passwords, and records of all devices.

Hack Proof

Built with AES 128-bit encryption to protect your data and privacy