360 Camera

360 Camera


4K / 8K

360° View

CE Compliant

FCC Certified


Next-generation professional cameras with panoramic technology. Experience the revolutionized algorithm that simplifies 8K live streaming and other functionalities compacted into a single device.

Pilot One

The tinniest 8K smart 360° camera on the market is powered by intuitive technology to create an exciting experience.

2-Hour Battery



Android OS

PilotSteady™️ Stabilization for automatic real-time correction

Pocket Size 44mm x 44mm x 127mm; 395g small and lightweight

128GB/512GB High-speed Storage to store up to 28800 8K photos

Ultra-High Precision Optical Lenses f/2.28 aperture; 185° FOV per lens

Built-in 3400mAh Battery 2 hours continuous 8K shooting or live streaming

IP65 Waterproof design aluminium alloy shell for harsh environments

Custom Android operating system and smart touch screen

Pilot Era

The awarded world-Class 360° VR Camera is perfect for businesses to stream 8K panoramic videos from a single device easily.

3.5-Hour Battery



Android OS

8K high-quality videos and photos to capture every beautiful moment

Powerful CPU and automatic stitching while shooting to save time from post-processing on PC

One-click to stream live with Labpano Pi Camera

512GB Large UFS Storage and alternative upload to major drive platforms

Custom Android operating system and smart touch screen

7200mAh Long-Lasting Battery to shoot 3.5 hours of 8K videos

Pilot Lock

The defence-grade 8K 360° Camera is perfect for surveillance or security environment and outdoor use.




AC Adapter

Records 8K 360° video with four 12MP CMOS sensors and four f/2.28 aspherical fisheye lenses

100% in-camera and real-time internal stitching

Designed for outdoors with an aluminum enclosure and rated IP68 water-resistant to withstand moisture, dirt, and dust elements

Self-heating design to withstand temperatures down to -40°F

Gigabit Ethernet streaming and configuration

Features a gravity sensor, a gyro sensor, and a magnetic sensor

Runs on Android-based OS

Power via PoE or AC adapter


The NEXX360 camera is the optimum safety and security camera. It replaces conventional CCTVs to create a safe working environment with real-time monitoring and remote communication capabilities.

4 Cameras

8-Hour Battery

64 GB

Hands Free

360° coverage with 4 HD cameras

Up to 8 hours of operation with the external battery

64GB memory storage

View Angle: 133° Angle of view of each camera

Stream video in real-time over 5G/LTE networks

Portable, handsfree, neckband, for efficiency and convenience

Record 360° video without blind spots by wearing the device on patrols

Equipped with optimal camera angle for identifying people and enhancing access restriction

Encompasses smart video analysis and remote communication feature