MEGVII Insight Video Analytics

End to End AI Surveillance Platform


 MEGVII Insight consolidates video surveillance information of key areas locally to help public security agencies effectively build a local portrait dynamic sensing network. With the use of portrait recognition technology, portrait comparison and alarms can be implemented for various surveillance point, to help police officers detect key persons or persons under surveillance timely, preventing dangerous incidents from occurring. Police officers can use portrait, video and big data analysis technology to perform intelligent analysis and investigation, supporting their daily surveillance work. Meanwhile, the system can also provide business support across departments and law enforcement agencies, including public security, internet police, criminal investigation, counter-terrorism, and homeland defence forces, as well as police stations.

Megvii insight unique fusion of computer vision and deep learning technologies, enable the facial based video investigation and extend to personnel object analytics from video.

| Customer use oriented solution

Applications Focused on a Center, "3 Focuses & 1 Center"


Face recognition is a “powerful tool” for law enforcement, but complete processes are needed for enforcement officers to crack down on crime.

"Pain point-focused"

The system makes full use of the capabilities of machines and data to help users solve pain points.


Algorithms also need to be use scenario customization


The most accurate identification and best delivery with minimal overhead and minimum premises.

Insight Features

Billion-Level DL Algorithm
High Accuracy in Different Environments
25 Channels Video Stream access
400 pcs/sec Images Import
Pedestrian DB 30mil. /single server 2bln/cluster server
Facial Comparison in bn-level Database
2 Screens for Operation, Display
Visible Display of Abstract Data
Static Recognition /Dynamic Search
One Click to Surveillance
Trajectory, Foothold, Compassion Analysis
All-in-One System Design

preferred video analytics partner

Insight adopts a distributed architecture based on completely proprietary deep learning algorithms of Megvii Technology, and includes features such as real-time face comparison with high recognition rates and facial feature structuralization.

How it Works

Use Case

Smart Cities
Critical Infrastructure
Law Enforcement
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