About UFace

It is a national high-tech enterprise and ranked first in Zhejiang Province’s high-growth technology-based SMEs in 2019. The company uses artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things platforms and applications (IOT), and edge computing equipment (EDGE ) As a foundation, we will cooperate with developers of intelligent solutions and commercial capabilities in the field of pan-security, and provide a one-stop intelligent vision solution for the pan-security long tail market in an ecological manner. The coverage scenarios include: community, office, business, Campus, hotel, construction site, etc.

Solution Application

Internet of Everything, AIoT makes life easier


Start a new experience in your future community


Attendance problems are solved “face to face”


Accurate customer portrait analysis, knowing the face better


Realize intelligent application of all scenes on campus


Smart Internet of Things

Construction site

AI makes site management easier and more efficient


The face recognition smart terminal you want, all here

Uface 5K 

300,000 + products
4000 + shipments4000+
direct customers
Uface Passenger Analysis Camera Pedestrian analysis of passenger flow statistics
Uface identity verification machine Intelligent verification of touch- screen dual-screen ID comparison     
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