About Populife

The Populife brand was inspired by the words “Popular” and “Life”. It envisions to provide trendy lifestyle solutions to digital nomads globally. The company exclusively developed offline password encryption algorithms and Bluetooth low-power private protocols, and earned for itself a great reputation and strong influence in the international market. Populife offers a safe, convenient, durable and affordable way to keep your items locked up.

IoT Solutions

Application Market


Smart Keybox

The durable and affordable smart storage for essentials handover like keys for car sharing, property management, and car washing.

Smart Deadbolt

The real keyless smart deadbolt with automatic locking, and gateway for connected homes (Alexa, Google Home, etc).

Smart Moon Lock

The sleek and simple design for the wooden door.

Smart Padlock

The portable and easy lock for metal gates, cabinets and bikes.

Smart Gateway

The Smart WiFi Gateway to enable your smart locks to be remotely controlled via Internet from anywhere in the world.
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