Product Features

BLE Technology
Less Power Consuming

App Enabled

Cryptographic Algorithm
to Generate PIN Code

Works Offline

PIN Code/Bluetooth

Suitable for All Keys

Airbnb your property

Smart keybox can help when you have to stop your work and hand over your keys to the guests, that will be awful. The smart keybox could let you send a PIN code to the guest without coming over on site.

Set time-sensitive code for your guest

According to the booking period, you could set time-sensitive code for your client. After the service time, the code could become invalid.

Shackle removable

Other than door knob and handle hanging, the keybox could also be chosen to wall mounting.

IP66, water proof

Could be used for outdoor. Zinc alloy body, no rust, dust; operation temperature ranges from -40°F(-40°C) to 131°F(55°C).

App enabled

Could use Populife App to unlock, check the access records and share access of Bluetooth or PIN code to others.

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