Product Features


Battery saving

Bluetooth Key and
PIN code access

Works Offline

PIN Code/Bluetooth

App Enabled

Cryptographic Algorithm
to Generate PIN Code

PIN Code/Bluetooth

Works Offline

Key-free smart lock is safer than a traditional physical lock, nobody can enter your house via physical key without your permission. Compatible with doors that have a standard deadbolt mounted separately from the handle and have a thickness of between 1-3/4” to 2-3/4”.

Besides the PIN code, you can also control the unlock by Populife App via Bluetooth. Your phone is the key now, and you do NOT have to take a batch of physical keys any more.

You can share the permanent or temporary access of Bluetooth key or PIN code to your family, friends or guests in Populife App, anytime, anywhere.

Unlike other locks, Populife Smart Deadbolt can ensure the safety of your house by automatically re-locking the door after you leave.

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