MEGVII Koala Smart Access

Face-pass solution for all scenarios

What is it?

Megvii Koala Smart Access is a smart facial recognition platform designed to provide the best access experience with a wide range of functions, such as access control, thermal screening, Guest/VIP Greeting, visitor management, time attendance, face lift control and stranger/blacklist alert.

Megvii Koala implements computer vision algorithms such as face detection, liveness detection, attribute analysis, and face search based on deep learning methods. This provides the advantages of high efficiency and accuracy access in commercial and government buildings, factories, events, schools, dormitories, and hotels.

How does it look like?

Design to demonstrate whole flow of all Koala functions: thermal screening, access control, Guest/VIP Greeting, visitor management, time attendance, face lift control, and stranger/blacklist alert. (refer to next slide for detailed descriptions)

User Flow-01_updated
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Facial Recognition for unauthorized and blacklisted personnel
Alerting to security control centre to take necessary actions
Stranger images can be stored for verification
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Staff/Guest/VIP welcoming
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Kiosk for ad-hoc visitor registration
Mobile APP for visitor appointment registration
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Contactless facial recognition for temperature screening
Real-time sound and light alarm
Detect if someone is wearing a mask or not
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Attendance management based on facial recognition technology
Configurable attendance rules and exportable attendance report
Prevent fraud attendance check with photo/video
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Visitor arrival notification

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Real time detection; High recognition accuracy
Rapid, seamless face detection and capture
Support various access scenarios under different lighting conditions

Use Case

Key Features

Maximum user capability: 200,000

Recognition speed: <0.5s

High accuracy: >99.9%

Strong liveness detection and anti-spoofing

Security mechanisms that keep the system and data protected

Facial recognition for all races globally

Support strong backlight, no light conditions

flexible customization and integration with open API

Use Case


Buildings and Offices with mandatory entry/exit registration

Exclusive access

Access to gyms, VIP lounge and other private clubs


Sports events, conferences and conventions


Classroom, Dormitory and time attendanceĀ 


Security access, stranger and blacklist alert


Working area, Dormitory and time attendance


Public transport, airports and customs


Guest welcoming and express check-in

Theme park

Express verification and access for annual pass

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