Face++ AI Open Platform is a platform offering computer vision technologies that enable your applications to read and understand the world better. Face++ allows you to easily add leading, deep learning-based image analysis recognition technologies into your applications, with simple and powerful APIs and SDKs.

All the APIs and SDKs offered by Face++ AI Open Platform are powered by up-to-date algorithms, which deliver leading efficiency, accuracy reliability. We goes far beyond the old version of Face++, and once again lead the market of facial recognition technologies. While dedicated to offer the best facial recognition technologies, we exploited our advantage of artificial intelligence and expand the capability set to include image recognition, OCR, object recognition, etc. And we continue to improve the breadth and accuracy of our technology as we train it to take on new challenges. You can test the performance of our service on your own. — It’s completely free to start.

Our Technologies


Face Detection

Detect and locate human faces within an image, and returns high-precision face bounding boxes.Face++ also allows you to store metadata of each detected face for future use.

Face Comparing

Check the likelihood that two faces belong to the same person. You will get a confidence score and thresholds to evaluate the similarity

Face Searching

Find similar-looking faces to a new face, from a given collection of faces. Face++’s fast and accurate search returns a collection of similar faces, along with confidence score and thresholds to evaluate the similarity.

Body Detection

Face++ detects and locates human bodies within an image, and returns high-precision body bounding boxes.

Skeleton Detection

Locate and return key points of body components, including head, neck, shoulder, elbow, hand, buttocks, knee, foot.

Body Outlining

Detect outlines of bodies within one image, and return a string consisting of floating-point numbers.

Face Merging

Merge faces in the template image and the merging image and return the merged image.

Photo Album Clustering

After recognizing faces of photos in the album, all photos can be clustered based on faces automatically. Afterwards, new added photos can be also clustered automatically.

Multiple products, designed for your business demands


Web API enables your applications to flexibly use every latest recognition technologies from Face++.

Mobile SDK

Use Face++ capabilities on mobile devices, offline. Process video streams easily.


Face++ also provides other products including server SDK and solutions to satisfy your business needs.

Why Face++?


Industry-leading accuracy, in real-world applications


Read the world without waiting, online and offline


Built for high availability, Face++ is always on

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