Company Overview

DeltaFrontier specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. As a regional distributor, we target to be a leading edge new technology solution and product supplier in the region, bringing state-of-the-art products to the users.  Our current main focus is on Facial Recognition, Access Control, Biometrics and Smart Home domains.  Not restricted to these mentioned technologies, DeltaFrontier continuously seeks for the latest sophisticated products from equipment manufacturers offering unique solutions.

Our tenets to our valued partners and clients


Connecting technology and client with bespoke services through value added distribution


To introduce the most advanced and innovative technologies into the market place by delivering exceptional services


Innovative Technology, Committed Partnership, Sustainable Business, Thought Leadership

Our Work Culture

Creative:  We always welcome creative and innovative ideas

Fast Pace

We keep abreast with technology evolution


We work as a team to achieve objective together

Open and Humble

We acknowledge differences and embrace similarities to create a harmonious work environment

Responsible and Accountable

We are professional who deliver our promises

Work Life Balance

We recognize that happy employees are double productive at work place

Why Us?

Deltafrontier is differentiated by innovation, expertise, flexibility, footprint and diversed business model.  We provide a wide range of client-engagement activities, supporting vertical and enterprise markets, government sector, development projects etc.  We support a comprehensive range of strategic services and consultative solutions through omni-channels that maximize the value of every customer interaction for desirable and improved business outcomes.

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